Pitch Fest Tucson 2015 Winners

First Place: Mark Sublette – CAD BLUE

Second Place: Elizabeth Felix – THE LYONS OF L.A.

Third Place: Daniela Ontiveros – HERITAGE

Honorable Mention: Nathaniel Mitchell – BELL HOPPIN’

Winners must email within 2 weeks of Pitch Fest to claim prizes. Pitch meeting with Matt Luber and consultations with Pitch Fest Industry Professionals must take place within two months of Pitch Fest. Second and third prize consultations may be provided by phone or in person, depending on the Professional’s availability. First prize meeting is by phone or Skype unless the winner chooses to travel to Los Angeles. Travel costs are not provided by the Pitch Fest.

Pitch Fest Tucson 2013 Winners

First Place: David Hoffman – “Super Team Rainbow”

Second Place: Shannon Mier – “A Spiritual Matter”

Third Place – TIE:  Roseann Haines – “The Price of Happy” and Jonathan Northover – “Stunt Trouble”

Pitch Fest Tucson 2012 Winners

First Place: Josh Weisman – “Cupid”

Second Place: Michael McClintock – “Surviving the Fantastic”

Third Place: Paul O’Rourke – “Giant George, the Biggest Dog in the World”

Honorable Mention: Thomas Johnson – “Night’s End”